VSS International Public School

Aim & Objectives


- To enable the child to understand himself & the universe around him/her.

- To foster in him responsibility, a sense of curiosity for right knowledge.

- To work for the formation of each student into a good human, an ideal citizen and well integrated person.

- To see that he develops keen interest in studies and activities and participates in various cocurricular activities of the school.

- To encourage each student to explore his/her talents and to give equal opportunities to all.

- To prepare all the students for better employment & career opportunities.

- To impart the best of knowledge and education system that is available today and to help every, in reaching the pinnacle of the goals.

- To encourage every student to be firm in his/her values, ethics & and be righteous in his/her actions.

- Inculcating high level skills and competencies required for achieving vocational development, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

- Emphasizing a holistic development of a child.