VSS International Public School


VSS International Public School has many facilities for the all-round development of the students. Apart from 50 spacious , well-lit, well-ventilated classrooms in a fine building there is a Maths Lab, Computer lab, 3 Science labs , a well stocked Library, Activity Room, a Conference Hall and a spacious play ground.
Class Rooms

Classrooms are the place wherein a student spends a significant part of the day.
Hence our classrooms are designed to be spacious and well ventilated for greater comfort. All the classrooms from I to X are Interractive classrooms with Interractive Whiteboards. The seating arrangement is ergonomically designed for easier seating and not impact their physical comfort.


We believe that books are the gateway to the world, whether young or old.
The school library houses a variety of books catering to all the age groups. It has a wide array of quality reading material from encyclopedias, fiction to storybooks, periodicals, reference works, quizzing and exposure to literary personalities. The institution inculcates the habit of reading in its students, to improve their academic pursuits, enhance their knowledge base and also drive home the concept of ‘reading for pleasure’.

Computer Education

Computers are mandatory in today’s technology driven world.
Our well-equipped Computer Labs provides suitable exposure to computers and it is followed up with continuous updates on IT matters. All students are provided an exposure to computers that is followed by practical computer literacy programmes.


A laboratory is the first step for a child to see his/ her ideas turn to reality.
The school laboratory is a well-equipped center with a collection of modern equipments, CD-ROMs, sophisticated software, models and charts. The aim here is to enhance the practical skills of the students in tandem with their theoretical knowledge.

Maths Lab

Our Maths laboratories are fully occupied equipped with suitable computers for children to learn maths activities by doing themselves.

Audio-Visual Room

To make class room teaching more effective and interesting separate Audio Visual Room has been set up with a side projector and an overhead projector for pre-primary sections and for Std. 1 to 10.
Slide presentations, lectures, demonstrations, seminars and group discussions take place effectively in the audio – visual room. Latest strategies and methods in teaching such as ‘Team Teaching, Brain Storming sessions etc..’ are conducted to make the process of teaching and learning effective and interesting.

Pedagogic Park

Our Kids park with a difference is set in the most serene and spacious environment with the most modern play equipments, specially designed to fulfill the needs of our children in the modern age.
Kids are expected to learn while they play. A scientifically prepared environment is made available, which is capable pf satisfying their curiosity and charmed sense of wonder. Every child is given an opportunity to develop psychomotor, neuromuscular, emotional & mental abilities.

Literary Activity

Significant time is set aside for conducting debates, impromptu speeches, essay writing, quiz, poem recitation, elocution and symposium amongst many others to satisfy the needs of kids and as per CBSE norms.
Students are encouraged to take part in such activities and bring about a holistic development in them. The institution aims at holding regular inter school festivals to foster mutual co-operation, tolerance and discipline to nurture the latent talents of the students.

AB3I0244Games and sports play an integral part in the physical, mental and psychological growth of the children.
Keeping this in mind, there is a provision for a large playground with modern play equipments, which gives your children a wide scope for physical development. The institution encourages active sporting talents amongst its students and has incampus facilities for Throw ball, Volley ball, Table tennis, Cricket, Chess and Carom.

Extra Curricular/ Co-Curricular Activities

The children also engage themselves in extra curricular activities like Art, Music, Karate, Yoga, Dance and Aerobics.

A day in a week is dedicated to variety of co-curricular activities which helps to bring out the latent talents of the students activities like song, dance, fancy dress, flower arrangement, origami, vegetable-carving, rangoli etc….help in developing aesthetic sense in the young minds. Our students are trained to sketch and paint, draw and color, make multifarious kinds of collages.


The school arranges educational trips and picnics every year where students will be guided how to observe, explore, understand and react to the environment.

In such activities pupils will be led to :

Observe and record facts and phenomena.

Compare notes.

Draw generalizations.
These excursions apart from being good change of environment also act as an outdoor laboratory for the students.

Transport Facilities

Hi-tech buses, mini buses and vans are available to transport students safely in time from various locations- from home to school and back.