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Assessment and Evaluation / Reporting

Scheme of Evaluation for Pre-School and Pre-Primary Grade

Evaluation of learning is a comprehensive process as it focuses on the daily, consistent progress made by the child. This procedure is based on the child’s daily interaction in the class, his/her levels of general awareness, the quality of work produced by him/her and internalization of the concepts taught. The approach is not purely academic but attaches equal importance to participation in co-curricular activities.

Scheme of Evaluation for Grade 1 to 5

Students of Classes 1 to 5 are not assessed through examination but undergo a continuous and comprehensive assessment process through the academic year. Report cards stating the student’s performance are issued once in each term.

Scheme of Evaluation for Grade 6 to 10

  1. There are two terms in an academic year.
  2. Assessments are carried out on the basis of the syllabus. A report is given at the end of each term.
  3. Evaluation assesses the concepts gained by the child and the areas that need to be further strengthened.
  4. Assessment is indicated in grades only.
  5. Scholastic areas have a five point grading scale.
  6. Re-assessment will not encouraged.